Throwback: Taking Risks and Making Changes

Many people never step out and take chances with their heart. They spend their entire lives protecting themselves from getting hurt. In reality, they are hurting themselves by not taking the risk that they could find someone who makes them smiles, makes them feel warm and fuzzy, and gives them the love they deserve. Everyone has to be willing to take the risk that they will give hurt – or no one will find love.

Throwback: 10 Tips For Making Your Job More Bearable

Confucius is quoted as stating, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Do you love what you do? Or do you go to work each morning dreading the coming day?

Music & Musings: How He Loves Us

“Oh how He loves us…” Do we really understand what those words mean? Trigger warning in this post in which I explore God’s love and admit I have never fully felt it because I looked through dirty lens.

When You Forget What You Came Here to Remember…

Sometimes, it isn’t what you remember that is the problem… it is what you forgot. As we honor Domestic Violence Awareness month, and the ninth anniversary of my divorce, I think it is fitting to share some raw truth with you tonight.

Throwback: Press On and Push Past Your Comfort Zone

Recently, my brother and some friends participated in the Tough Mudder competition. This is a 10- to 12-mile obstacle course designed by the British Navy and described as “Possibly the toughest event on the planet.” (Take a look at these pictures to decide if you think it lives up to its claim!) The challengers sign a death waiver and endure some pretty dangerous and challenging obstacles. It is a gruesome and amazing event that brought the men back with big smiles on their faces.

When An Old Vision Speaks To You…

This is a vision I had one day while praying. I could see it clearly as if a movie was okayIn in front of me. As I read it back, I could understand more clearly what it was showing me about how I go for things and then get discouraged. Have you had visions /…

When Your Past Enables You to Speak Loudly and Boldly…

We’ve made it to the second quarter. It’s time to discuss some real things and make some changes to ensure we get where we want to get. As we start, let’s jump into some reasons this month is so special to me. *Trigger warning*

When You Choose Your Own Adventure…

A dream got me thinking about being a single Christian over 40, which led to a confession about side pieces (without sex) and the difference between purity and abstinence.

Throwback: Faith Under Pressure – Trusting God to Provide

Throwback: Blind faith means we are willing to accept that God loves us and will provide for us. It means we are willing to believe He will always provide a way. It does not mean we give up resources that can help us because we believe God is doing to come down on a white horse and whisk us away from our problems.

When It’s Time To Take Back Your Innocence…

I still remember the day my daughter asked if we could go out to the store because she was “dressed up and ready for the world”. She was covered in paint from a recent art project and thought the colors were so beautiful that she wanted everyone to see them. This struck a chord with me because my grown up mind was automatically telling her we could NEVER go out in public with such a mess on our being. But she didn’t see her appearance for its messiness but for its beauty.


Originally posted on PLETHORA of CHIMERAS:
Passion. Will prompt you, To push through, The places you, Hated from the, Depths of your, Heart. Passion. Will light the, Inferno you need, For surviving the, Darkest of this, World. ~AM

When Getting Lost Is How You Find Yourself…

Sometimes it takes wandering off the path to find your true purpose and self. The important thing is that you do, as without knowing who you are and what you stand for, you will never end up where you belong.

When You Know Your Tribe…

When you know your tribe, you will better understand where you are going and how you will get there because the people around you will be going the same way.

When You’re Not Using the Keys in Your Hands…

Sometimes the door you need to walk through is right in front of you but you aren’t using the keys to unlock them. Other times you need to stop walking through every open door because not all doors are the ones you have keys for.

When Seasons Begin to Shift…

When seasons shift, you begin to feel a transition within your spirit. You look at things differently and feel differently. This post will focus on a positive change, an upleveling or advancement in life. Happy March!

Throwback: Loving God

Throwback post sharing a devotion I contributed to a magazine back in 2012 about what it looks like to love God.

Throwback: Pressing On

Throwback post sharing a devotion I wrote back in 2012. How do you press on when things are tough?

Chad Veach: “The Mess in the Middle”

On Sunday’s I am sharing sermons from pastors that I enjoy listening to. For those of you looking for a variety in your teachings or who haven’t come to faith and are seeking it, these will present you with some options.

When You’re Willing to Wait…

Waiting and chasing bring two different results. Chasing will exhaust you but waiting will ensure you are refreshed when it arrives.