From Fear to Faith in A Week…and Other Truths I Learned In 7 Days


Last week I shared with you that I realized I am afraid of success. I shared how it paralyzes me to move into my destiny despite spending most of my week coaching others in exactly this area. It was as a I typed that the truth of that statement set in. It was as I sat staring at my screen that the reality of those words made an impression on my brain. It was after getting up from the chair that I realized I needed to take action. I could no longer be content with my being stuck. I could no longer be a bystander to my own life. I could no longer be on the bench. I was taking myself off…and I didn’t get any arguments since I was the one who placed myself there.

I immediately hit my knees and prayed. What else is one to do when faced with the reality that the God she has been crying out to for ignoring her and not being there when she needed Him most was actually quite possibly MOVING her to a better place? What else is one to do when she accepts that the reason she isn’t being blessed in her current state is that it is over and it is time to move forward to the next one? I prayed. I prayed more. I prayed until I couldn’t see through the tears. I sat there in my living room, crying out to the God who loves me so much that He brought me though much worse things than I am experiencing now and left me with few scars. I asked for clarity, direction, and discernment from the God of the Universe that I believe is listening to all of us. I decided in that moment that I no longer going to accept THIS as my reality and would instead start moving toward making my reality be what I see in my dreams. I made that decision and I haven’t looked back.

In reading Joel Osteen’s I Declare, I knew that I was accepting that the right people would come into my path. Sure enough…they did this week. Through knowing that my life doesn’t end here, I was able to search my heart and figure out where I really want to be. I took that knowledge and turned it into action, getting my resume ready and talking with people who can hopefully get my house sold to an investor who will flip it or rent it out. I am ready. I am actively making the steps with the goal of taking one step a day every day until I leave, which I plan to do by June. I am a little frightened by the prospect of moving halfway across the country and yet thrilled to know I will finally be making my dreams come true WHILE I enjoy watching others do the same.

In one week I went from paralyzed at the thought of success to taking steps to make my dreams a reality. I have been teaching others how to pursue their dreams and been excited each time the vision becomes reality. This is finally my time to stop being in the audience and to be on the field. “Those who can’t do teach.” I want to DO and TEACH!

What dream do you need to see become a reality? How do you intend to make that happen?

Until next time,


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  1. Luis Mordan says:

    Shell, I recommend you read “Go for No”. It’s an amazing story as to how embrace failure!


    1. Thank you, Luis! I just heard about the book recently. I was told it has exercises where you look for people to reject you. (Oh my!) I think I could easily develop some thicker skin that way. 🙂

      It is interesting to me that it isn’t rejection but failure that bothers me… though I would rather try and fail than not try at all. I will divulge soon what all of this has been about, as there is a particular action this has all been surrounding. I recently positioned myself to make the leap of faith and accept I may succeed instead of fail! Stay tuned and thank you for the book recommendation!


  2. neepan says:

    Hi Shell I totally get what you mean, I have been dragging my feet over the goals myself, I spent two precious weeks doing nothing towards the transition to moving countries… I realize now I am sabotaging my own success by not giving me a shot at it… Your write up is exactly what I needed !! I am going to set things right ASAP .. Thanks for sharing

    Love nee

    Sent from my iPad


    1. My pleasure. I am making some moves myself and it is tough when you are so comfortable playing in failure’s playground! Wild… one would think it would be easier if comfortable with failure and expect to fail? Perhaps it means we both know success is one leap of faith away?


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