When You Take Patterns and Make Ripples…

When you identify patterns in your behavior that you don’t like, it’s time to make ripples in your routine. This is how you break bad habits and create new ones.


In the last couple of days, I have gone through my various idea books, my brain, my napkins, etc. and compiled all my ideas for things I would like to do and put them into one location. I then looked at each of the ideas, and really thought about what was holding me back from implementing them. As I did that, fear came up most often. Fear of success being the main fear. Fear that I will make it and then fail folks by not living up to their expectations of me when I do. That made me start thinking about how to break that fear. How do I truly stomp it out?


When you talk with Christians, we love to throw the Bible at you and walk away. We love to say “Oh, you’re fearful? 1 John 4:18 tells us that ‘there is no fear in love’ so you don’t need to be fearful about anything. God is with you.” And we say it will full conviction that it’s all you need to hear and life will just magically be all better.


But sometimes it’s not.


Honestly, a lot of times, it’s not enough.


Let’s talk real talk. When you are face to face with fear, and that fear is like bear chasing a gnat, a scripture doesn’t solve the world’s problems. In fact, sometimes you want to shake your head and ask, “Is that all you have?”


I know we are supposed to be super people who are able to pick up the Book and just be healed. We are supposed to pray and life suddenly gets better. But it isn’t that easy. Not all the time.


Sometimes we are truly paralyzed by our fear. Sometimes we are not sure how to move forward and we need someone to say, “I don’t know the answers, but I will walk with you through this.” Well, I am going to be that person. I am going to tell you that I don’t have the answers to how we set aside this fear and start walking in a radically different kind of life, but I know this: I am willing to try.


I am willing to walk it out and share my steps and what I do, in hopes that a few months from now we are celebrating together as we conquer our goals. In a few months, we will both be able to say to others, “I was afraid, but I kicked fear in it’s butt and now I am ready to help others.”


So for my next steps – and yours if you are walking this journey with me – I am going to implement 3 new habits this week.


  • Write every morning what I want my day to look like. Doesn’t have to be super details, but must include what I TRULY want to accomplish.
  • Exercise no less than 45 minutes a day, at any intensity. Even if it’s just a walk outside. Movement is how I am going to lose this weight, and that is needed for me to be healthy. It is more than looking good, but feeling comfortable in my skin.
  • Write in my journal every evening before bed. I stopped doing this about a month ago and I see the difference in processing my feelings and thoughts.


I am going to do these three things. No they have nothing to do with fear, but they have everything to do with getting me comfortable with order, which is what I am lacking. Putting priorities in their place. Organizing my life. If I am going to go back to freelancing full time or if I am going to work for another company from home full time, I need to stay organized and put back what I have lost over the last year of being unhappy with where I am in life.


What are your steps? What habits are you going to create over the next few weeks to help you with moving out of the fearful state and into one where you rise above your fears? Share them with me in the comments and I will pray with you.


We can do this! It’s time to rise above and start showing fear it has no place in our lives!


Until next time,


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