When You’ve Released…

Yesterday was a huge day in so many ways. I showed up for me for the first time in recent memory. I spent the entire day writing, praying, and researching my emotions. I took time to explore how I felt, to examine my heart, and to search out God’s heart toward me. I had a couple calls with friends, texted with a couple others, and prayed with a couple more. I spent time with my little one planning the next three days and our renovation of her room. It was a full day at the end of which I fell to sleep with such a feeling a peace, Release, and fulfillment.


I realize that not everyone who reads this blog is fully in touch with their emotions or is super comfortable exploring them, so reading such a long post filled with such heavy thoughts could have been overwhelming for you. Today, on this day of thankfulness and family, I wanted to take some time to explain what I feel is a necessary component of Release: Refueling. It is important that even after reading something like what you read yesterday, even if you didn’t resonate with it but just supported me in my release, that you take time today to refuel.


What you see in my blog is me letting go of emotions and hopefully helping you learn to let go of yours. You don’t see the activities leading up to and following such writing, which are super important! To ensure I balance out the heavy stuff, I am not only in therapy but I volunteer with a local arts show in my community, as an Editor with a magazine, and I️ ensure I am surrounded by friends and mentors. I hike at least once a week, exercise daily, talk with my best friend a couple times a week about our feelings, and text regularly with a friend across the way about girl stuff. I have people in my life pushing me to excel and people who I can be open with if I feel like life is too much. (And we all have those days, even if we don’t say it aloud.) It is important if you are going to deal with the deep stuff that you also make room for fun. I am involved in local events and take time to hang out with friends in town at least once a month. This balances me out to be able to handle the moment when I get inside my head with feelings and process the negative sounds that can hurt my heart, or the memories that take up too much space when things are going good and that inner child wants to pull me back to safety.


It is so important that you don’t have major release moments without a major refuel moment following. Sharing so many negative feelings and speaking out so many ill feelings can bring you down, so it’s important to counter them with positive actvities. Yesterday, as I typed that post, I had worship music playing in my earphones. When I went live, I was talking with a friend about pushing the button and the exhilaration of releasing all those emotions I️ had never spoken aloud to anyone outside of therapy. When I was done posting the FaceBook message, I put worship music back on my earphones and listened to music for a couple hours and just let music sweep me away. For me Music is life. For you it could be something else. Just be sure you always allow something positive to take space within your life after doing the work to release negative thoughts and actions (and people).


I know deep down the things I think and feelings I have are not accurate, but they are there, so I have to counter them daily. I know they are a reflection of shame and things I have been taught by people who didn’t mean well and by internal walls I have built to keep me safe. We battle the mind daily as we walk this life. We can give in and stay safe or we can conquer it and build healthy relationships by tearing down the walls and learning to risk learning to love an let go of the things that keep us boxed in. This is why we have so many success coaches, self-help books, and psychologists. People allow the negative to rule their lives and forget to let the positive influence them. Don’t let that happen to you! Follow every breakthrough with a moment to refuel and reenergize. Take time to release and receive. Once you let go of negative energy, create space to take in some positive light and words. Once you let go of negative words that filled your mind, full the space with positive affirmations. Once you let go of a toxic friend, fill the space with an activity you find fun and fulfilling. Enjoy the moment and reward yourself for the hard work of letting go!


The hard work is done: I put out there how I have been feeling. Now the exciting steps begin: implementing the changes necessary to water hope, reframe my truths so I can move forward with the people in my life and appreciate them without looking for ulterior motives, and enjoy the commitments I have been making and stuck to them. I am going to become rooted and see my hope tree grow thick beaches in my front yard where all who see me know it’s there!


How about you? Are you feeling good today? Are you ready for this journey? On this day of Thanksgiving, think about what your thankful for and let go of the negative while taking in the positive!


Until next time,


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  1. I think i just realized you were asking if it was a celebration of freedom and not asking me about the post!! All that fresh air this morning at the football game had gone to my head! Yes, it was so freeing! Thank you for your continued support! I appreciate you taking the time to read it! Have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. Billybuc says:

    Yesterday was raw, powerful, and full of truth….a celebration of freedom for you? Bravo for taking the step…and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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    1. Thank you Billy! I posted it on the blog and it was a huge move for me. Way long and a lot a emotion I’d never usually share, but doing so empowered me to finally be able to share the truths that will help me talk about my story and help others. If you’re interested, the post is the one entitled, “When You’re Ready To Share You’re Truth”. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Here’s to a wonderful end of the year!


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