When Your Scars Add to Your Beauty…

Have you heard of Kintsugi? I’ve heard of it several times but today it was brought to mind again. This is perfect after yesterday’s story of the treasure. Watch this video and learn more about it.





And in case you missed the message, let’s listen to this video together. He puts it in a way that is clear how this art relates to us:



The tool today that is so important for us to use in this last month of 2017 is Understanding Your Beauty. Too many of us are walking around not understanding that for as many people who look us and think, “Wow, they should keep those thoughts to themselves” or “Dang, she’s so damaged” or “He isn’t exactly the type you take home to mom”, there are more who think the fact you overcame all that past trash and still believe in hope and love is beautiful. For everyone who will put you down and think you are dirty for what happened to you, there is someone who will take time to get to know you and will be one of the contributing factors to the gold filling in your cracks. And when it comes to love, those of you who have completely given up, I still believe that somewhere out there is someone who sees beyond the external and can see your beauty AS IT IS NOW and where it is going to one day be. That person won’t overlook you when the timing is correct. But before anyone belongs in a relationship, it is so important to ensure you know your weaknesses and strengths, how you relate to others, and that you are strong in your identity so you don’t lose your voice trying to assimilate to theirs.


As you think about your goals and what you need to complete in 2017 to feel great going into 2018, understand your own beauty and see that your scars contribute to your beauty. Don’t let them hinder you. Rather, let them lead you boldly into your calling. For some of you, your scars will have nothing to do with your career. For others, it may lead you to become a counselor, a writer, a facilitator. Some of you will have one-to-experiences where you only share your scars with that person; while others will be on stage telling audiences of hundreds of thousands one day. Whatever your goal, or wherever your journey takes you, take this time to reframe the way you look at them and start to see them not as terrible reminders of a past hurt but as an experience that happened from which you became stronger, more resilient, and whether you know it or not more beautiful.


Until next time,







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