When You’ve Set Your Intentions & Goals for the Year…

Six hours, one venti Chai Tea Latte, one trenta Strawberry Acai Refresher, and one Peppermint Tea later (not including my little one’s Chocolate Milk and Caramel Frappuccino) and the goals are written for 2018!


For accountability on the ones that don’t contain others’ or super personal info, I am sharing them here. (I am leaving off the Financial one and the ones related to specific organizations / projects I work with that I have personal goals for as well for the year.)


I mentioned in a prior post that I was fine-tuning my goals. The list I had, I prayed over and then today did the final intention setting and actual writing them down within my journal and sending them to three friends for accountability. The first step was to check out the vision book (pictures at the end of this post if you are curious to see my overall goals through 2020) and then bring those goals down to yearly goals, which I also broke down into quarterly, monthly, and (will as of tomorrow) daily goals. To get to the yearly goals, I first come up with my Word of the year and set my intention for the year then I think of which steps I can take based upon those to complete my five year goals (vision book is from 2017 – 2020 which is really only my 3 year goals but go with me on it because 2020 is as far as I want to think ahead at this point).


My word of the year and intention are as follows:




Which leads to my 2018 goals:





I also choose a scripture for the year, since I believe this helps me to set my course for the year. Last year, for example was Joshua 1:3, 6-9. As such I didn’t say no to any travels that were offered to me because I wanted to be sure the soles of me feet touched wherever they could. It was a perfect set up for this year, with being “Rooted” because this year those connections that were made last year will be watered and nourished even more if they are meant to remain in my life. This year’s scripture, as such is:




As a note for my non-Christian audience and for some of the Christians that need some insight, when I read this I do NOT take this Psalm to mean that Christians have no connection with the outside world. I will never be a Christian whose only friends are Christian as I don’t believe that is AT ALL what Christ did or how He lived His life and I believe when we make the choice to be Christian we are saying we are trying to live our lives as best we can in a way that emulates Christ’s behavior.


When I read this scripture I believe you have to read it as a whole from verse 1 – 3. I take it to mean that the majority of my influence on life decisions will come from the Word and will be aligned with Scriptural teaching. If someone who is non-Christian offers me counsel and it is not aligned with Scripture, I will not accept it within me. I know this may not sit well with some but it is where I stand. Just as someone who isn’t Christian would not go automatically with me sharing wisdom that is based upon Scripture without aligning it with their truths, I have to be faithful to what I believe. There is a progression shown where the person is walking, standing, and then sitting. To me this shows the progression of sin where we take one action and then another and another. It is a slow fade from walking righteously to living in sin as noted by the Bible, and this can be any kind of sin not just the ones people like to talk about. Think unforgiveness, anger, lying. Everyday things we fall into without realizing how we got there at times. This scripture says to me that I will be aware of my actions and purposeful about them so I don’t fall into patterns that I have or am trying to break. So please don’t get caught up on words (which is SO HARD for me to say since I am a words person) but think of the full context of the Psalm. I like that it says I will meditate on His law day and night and by doing so I will become like a tree planted by the water. That is what I live for – to be fruitful in my endeavors and take actions that bring people closer to understanding their own hearts and to see Jesus’s love.


When I pull all of this together, along with the other goals page I didn’t include here due to privacy needed for them, I have my life for 2018 summed up at this kickoff point:





I chose this picture because I interpret it to be a tree by the water with a bench inviting me to come to it, grab a seat, and reflect on life in the stillness of the moment. I see the roots of the dead tree sitting in front of me, which reminds me to continue to meditate on the things of God and follow my calling so I do not die off. It motivates me to press forward and dive in to my goals head on and stop sleeping on myself. The bench reminds me that when we are strong in our calling and walk out our purpose by following what we are passionate about (for me this is faith and that is what drives me to write and create; for you it may be something else), we provide a safe and sturdy shade for others to rest under. So many people seek this and never find it within those they look to. I want to provide that safe space to create and share through the workshops and other things I will work this year. And I love that the vantage point of this tree is a bit higher than the water, so it is near the river so it can be nourished, but the water would have to rise a bit to overwhelm the tree in a time of deluge. The roots are going over the ledge and down into the water so they can get the source of their nutrients and life but they aren’t going to be overwhelmed by it too soon.


What is your process for writing goals? What are you looking forward to this year? Think about those things and write them down. Make it plain and clear what you are seeking after this year (Hab. 2:2).


Until next time,




The Vision Book I created December 31 of 2016.



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