When An Old Vision Speaks To You…

This is a vision I had one day while praying. I could see it clearly as if a movie was okayIn in front of me. As I read it back, I could understand more clearly what it was showing me about how I go for things and then get discouraged. Have you had visions / daydreams / dreams that speak to you? How have they helped you make appropriate changes?

I was walking through a park with a beautifully wrapped gift in my hands. Alongside me was this little imp – assigned to me to try to steal the gift. There were times along the walk when I would stop and set the gift down because it was too heavy and I needed a break. The imp would start to look at it, try to unwrap it and see what was inside and would become startled – like scared – then would back away.

I would pick it up and walk further. There were temptations along the way where I would have to choose to keep walking with my gift or give it over to the imp to hold… And a few times I wanted to turn it over because the temptation was so grand…But in the end, I held onto it.

At the end of the vision, I walked out to a beautiful stage and before me there were thousands of people in chains… Worn, battered, and angry. I stepped onto that stage and at that moment the gift unwrapped. As I opened my mouth and began speaking, the people’s chains began to fall off. Broken, they looked up and their chains fell to the ground.

I stood there in awe.

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  1. ladycee says:

    Wow! What a powerful vision! Thank you for sharing it and I thank God for his plan for your life. May He use you to set free many captives.
    Have a great weekend Shell Vera.

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    1. Thank you Carol!!! When I found it in my notes I could remember how confused I was when I first had it. Looking back on it I do see how true it is, and still being walked out! I look forward to the day I am on that stage and smile, knowing I walked to the end and didn’t give my gift up!!!

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