When God’s Redirection is Your Protection (Sermon Notes)…

I’ve been studying my notes from this weekend’s message by Pastor Brandon Whitfield at The River Church (Danbury, CT). Pastor shared how sometimes when man rejects us it is God protecting us. As I’ve reflected on this message, I noticed this:

We often try to redirect God when things go wrong. We pray and ask Him to fulfill these drive-thru prayers and then when He doesn’t fulfill the order correctly (in our minds), we try to give it back for him to correct. We plead and bargain and we make promises we know we will never be able to honor when all along God had put out some warning signs and flags for us that this prayer was not coming from a place of His will or even our true desires but from a place of fear, hurt, rejection, or some other root that requires healing. He redirects us gently sometimes – with a wrong way sign is a detour sign – and blatantly other times – with roadblocks and barriers. Yet we will try to get around them still. Instead we should be trusting that the author and finisher of life knows our story and sees the joy at the end if we can just trust that our heartache and our “no” responses have a purpose. If we can just believe that there is more to life than what we see in this moment

Take time today to thank Him for not getting that job and for not dating that guy and for not moving into that fancy apartment you couldn’t afford. Thank Him for saving you the heartache of those decisions and leading you to exceedingly, abundantly more than you could ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20) because you were willing to wait on His “yes”.

Here’s the notes I took from the message Sunday in case you’d like to explore this topic as well!

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