When You Can’t Tell the Difference…

Last Wednesday evening, I listened to Dr. Tony Evans share his thoughts on the wise man and the fool in a way I’d never heard.

He compared and contrasted them and then made the point that you couldn’t tell the difference between them until the storm came. We are like that, aren’t we? We sit in our pews or chairs, highlighting our Bibles, raising our hands, and then a storm comes and suddenly there are many reactions. Those whose highlights aren’t reviewed between services suddenly feel the weight of the world crashing down and wonder why others can lose babies or go through divorces and still praise God and know it will be okay.

The difference is the foundation. When we only interact with God Sunday and midweek for Bible Study, when we don’t look at our notes (if we take them) between services, when or Bibles sit dusty on nightstands (or with broken streaks for those who use the app), we can’t spend too much time wondering why our faith isn’t sure and tested. What can we expect? If we treated our partner or friends that same way, we wouldn’t expect a solid relationship yet we expect this with our faith.

We need to do better. We need to stand stronger. We need to look beyond the surface and trust the God who created us and stop relying so much on ourselves.

Let’s take a song break and a chance for me to offer a shameless plug of DBLPortion’s latest release, which is now out in iTunes:

Take a moment to listen to it if you can and understand that when we “lean not on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5), we begin to find the sturdy foundation. When we then add to that prayer and Bible Study on our own, we start to dig our foundation deeper, as Dr. Evans discussed. He said, “you can’t build a skyscraper on the foundation for a chicken coop”. Yet many of us try. We need to build a solid foundation with our Creator, God, if we want to withstand trials and be obedient in times of complete chaos.

Another point Dr. Evans maxes was about the Spirit within us. Like a motion-sensing light, the Spirit of God is activated when we move. We can’t be stagnant and expect Him to be shining bright within us. (And we must be clear that remaining still and not moving are different things when we talk about our spiritual walk! Another post to come on that in the coming weeks.) We have to act young what God is telling us if we want to see the Spirit shine and move boldly in our lives!

Which are you: The wise man or the fool? If the latter, it’s not too late to change your location and fix your foundation! It requires demolishing your current structure so you can fix the foundation, but the work will be well worth it!!

Until next time,


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