When Natural Things Bring Spiritual Revelation…

There are times after getting my thoughts out, I just need to step away from my thoughts and feelings. Today was one of those days. I cleared my mind by getting my thoughts out on last night’s post as well as by writing in my journal. With a clear mind, I could feel God’s presence with me in a stronger way than usual. I had this sense like it was going to be a good day. I felt alive, vibrant, and full of joy. Throughout the afternoon it was apparent something was different though the day didn’t contain anything special.

I left my house in one city with the sun shining so brightly that I needed sunglasses. After an appointment, I walked out to black skies that looked like it was going to open up and pour any moment.

As my daughter and I arrived at our next destination, the clouds had disappeared but the rain had set in and was coming down pretty roughly! I started thinking about the rain in the Bible and how rain meant a blessing after a difficult period, usually a drought. In most areas of my life, I am really happy and fulfilled but there are a couple areas where I know I’ve been in a drought of sorts for the past few years. I have been praying for doors to open, including me seeing myself differently if there are skills I am not using or resources in my hand that I haven’t fully pursued, as I know change is eminent.

And then it happened as I was seeing the spiritual beauty of the moment:

(I am sorry if it is sideways for you! I can’t get it to flip!)

Do you see it? A natural representation of blessing meeting a spiritual representation of the same thing. Two. Unity. By itself I am not sure the rain would have spoke so vividly to me. And the Benz really isn’t my kind of car so the Benz by itself means nothing. But the two together symbolize a unity that makes a message: Blessings are coming. The drought is almost over! When we are available to go where we need to go, God can open doors that we’ve never seen opened before! As I listened to the rain, I couldn’t help but think of what kind of blessings may be on their way!

I’m a numbers buff and one of those weird people who loves to see spiritual messages in everyday moments. And today was definitely one of those moments where I felt like the tides were about to change in some areas. I don’t know what it means but I know that now that I have spoken things healing and moving forward is necessary.

Here we go! Another month of healing and moving forward!


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