Sermons: Michael Todd of Transformation Church, “Grace Like a Flood” Series

I was first introduced to Michael Todd when he preached the memorable “Marked” sermon for the “Savage Jesus” series at Elevation Church. I was so taken by his preaching that I wanted to see if he was as dynamic and engaging at his home church as he was when away. (Let’s be honest, we all know pastors who are pretty intense and amazing when away from their home church but have trouble engaging their audience at home because they are too worried about losing numbers). He DID NOT disappoint. I really enjoyed his messages, was able to apply them to my life and make some good changes, and added his podcast to my weekly listening.


This particular series, Grace Like a Flood, really taught me a lot about grace and what it really means to us. It showed me what it looks like at various levels, at different times along our walk with Christ, and to people who sometimes appear to be taking advantage of the grace. It totally flipped my understanding of the word on its head and helped me to have some grace with people in my own life who I was hurt by at various times.


Grab a notebook, a few pens, the beverage of your choice, and then hit play! You won’t be disappointed. It contains nine sermons, so you may want to bookmark the series so you can watch one sermon a night and digest what’s said within each one!



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