Sunsetting: When It’s Time to End the Day…

For seven plus years, I have been coming to share my thoughts and musings with you here on this blog. And in doing so, I’ve helped many realize they aren’t alone. However, I haven’t written the books I have wanted to write or really explored a lot of the thoughts I want to explore more thoroughly because I come here and get my writing out and then move on to the next subject. In transitioning from blog to book, I need to spend more time thinking about how to explore thoughts more deeply and thoroughly versus just getting them out and being done with them. I believe in the end it will help us both.


You can follow my lifestyle blog that will officially kick off in January 2019 but on which I have been posting recipes, activities, and information about essential oils, or my creative writing site, but I am going to sunset this blog and stop sharing my thoughts on this medium. The Music & Musings and Movies & Meditation series will move over to my creative writing site.


As always, if you desire any writing services, workshops, or coaching for your book writing and finding your voice, you can connect with me through my website.


This journey has been one of deep change, growth, and a lot of learning. Thank you for taking it with me. See you around the web.

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