When Seasons Begin to Shift…

I started today at the beach. As I sat there, I reflected on February and the changes it brought. Some were welcome changes that helped me become better. Some were unwelcome ones that broke my heart.


In the beginning of the month, I experienced something I’d never experienced before and it shook me so I stopped writing for a bit because I needed to regroup away from expressing my thoughts publicly. In doing so, I learned a lot about my desire to help others and how I’d spent so long helping others I’d lost focus on helping myself. In February, I was able to refocus and now I am back strong and ready to conquer March.




March is a wonderful month because it marks the end of a phycial season and transition into a new one. Additionally, we begin to hear about Spring ceaning and how folks start evaluating what’s in their houses. Each March, I like to look at my life and how I am progressing through my goals, how my house feels, how my mind feels, what is going on with my relationships, and what needs to change for the month to ensure my focus is correct. Since I was able to do some of this in February, this month I am focusing on my business more than the other areas of my life. I need work on my strategy and social media development since I have made the decision to officially relaunch my writing full time with a focus on blogs instead of books. (And for those of you who have asked, I will go ahead and document the progress and the challenges as I grow so we can all learn together.)


For you, what are the areas where you need to do some spring cleaning within?

  • Relationships?
  • Career?
  • Parenting?
  • Spirituality?
  • Finances?
  • Focus?
  • Hobbies?
  • Fitness?


To tell which area(s) to work on, pull out your goals from the beginning of the year and evaluate where you are compared to where you thought you’d be. Focus on the one or two areas that are furthest from where you wanted to be, or where you feel you haven’t spent enough time yet this year.


Side note: This is a good time to review your goals and ensure all are still true for you and that you’re progressing well.


Once you know where you are going to focus your time this month, look at how the new season will allow you to make changes.

  • Are there classes being offered that will increase your knowledge of how to move forward?
  • Are there life changes that happen during this time that will allow you to naturally move forward?
  • What changes can you make that will bring peace and joy back into this area of your life?
  • Are there things you can do differently this season from last to increase your progress?
  • Do you need to let some things go to make room for new events, tasks, or friends?


Once you’ve identified which area(s) and changes you need to make, it is time to put a plan into place. Some plans are easier than others. This can be as simple as setting some mini-goals, signing up for classes and events, or writing down a plan that will help you stay organized, or as detailed as sitting down with someone you trust to review the steps you need to take and setting up accountability for making progress. Whatever you do, be sure to make progress so you can celebrate your win in a few months!




Now let’s talk about another kind of season, a metaphorical season. As we grow in life, we go through seasons in which we need different things, want different comforts, and accept different behaviors from others. As seasons change, we also change.


Are there seasons in your life that you find yourself struggling more than others? For some it is around the time of a child’s death. For others it could be the breakup of a family or anniversary of a parent’s passing. Whatever your season is, know that it doesn’t have to define your future and affect each year. By learning to overcome the hurdles and where to put your focus, you can make it through the season without letting it overpower you.


There is a life season I experience every December through February. It is one that some years I crush and other years not so much. This year was a mixed year where I did great crushing it thanks to accountability from my best friend. But come February, I got a bit too confident in crushing it and that allowed me to become overpowered when I learned some information that took me by surprise. That is why I didn’t write. I knew if I wrote I would be sharing the raw emotion and I wanted to be able to process it and share from a standpoint of “this is what I went through and here is what I learned” versus carry you through the mud with me. I will share about it in later posts becasue there was a lost of learning. This is an example of a personal season in which we can choose to become overpowered or to uplevel.


During these seasons in our life, we are best positioned to allow ourselves to see the areas where we need to grow. We can see patterns, areas where we need to be more aware of our habits and choices, and look at characteristics we want to change. Something I realized this last season is that I have too big a social circle and do not feel I am adequately surrounded by people who I want to be influencing me. The five people I spend the most time with are so different from one another and from me that I had to really evaluate whether I care more about my future or feeling good in the present. I had to realize that to get where I want to be is NOT about friendships and feelings but about my future and purpose. That has been a very hard realization. I had look at when I was working full time for myself previously and what was different about my life now that was causing fear of relaunching my business full time and taking on new clients and projects. I had to look closely at what changed between the early years when I launched my business to now, and see which changes were positive and which were distractions from my achieving success as a solepreneur – and this new term I learned is what I am: writerpreneur. And I had to act on those realizations so I can get where I want to be. It was not easy but it was necessary to ensure I don’t sacrifice my dreams for some good times in the present.


You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. ~Jim Rohn



What is going on in your current season that you may have to change? Regardless of how hard those changes are, if you want to be in a different place next month, next year, or in five years, you have to make them.



March has the potential to be our best month yet. Let’s make it so.


This month I will add in some business type posts for people who want to learn more about blogging, connecting with others, and reaching new audiences. I am going to spend this month coming up with a schedule so you can know when it will be business versus personal, as I don’t feel a need to separate the two since I am my business. When you read my personal life you are reading the thoughts of a blogger, ghostwriter, and content creator who experiences life on her own schedule and terms, and when you hire me you get the professional who also has a personal side that loves Christ and connecting with people. If not for my personal side, I’d never have discovered my professional skills!


I will add two posts a week, one to start, about business and they will remain on specific days. I will also be adding some reblogs / guests posts as I network more with others. So if you read this and you enjoy my content and think yours complements it, talk to me! I want to ensure I am helping to promote other personal and business bloggers as well. The rest of the posts will remain thoughts and reflections as you are used to me writing. I’ve found some great songs to dissect so look for another Music & Musings segment next week and I’ve also been working on a post that I look forward to sharing about doors and keys for those of you looking to understand open doors and what it means to have the key to your own future.


I hope you all have a happy Thursday and a great March!


Until next time,


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